Yumiko Shaku in Red Bikini

Yumiko Shaku
In 1997, while at the University Kodansha Weekly Young Magazine's "Miss Grand Prix campus" selected as the Grand Prix debut, Gravure Idol collect as many male fans, the same year of broadcasting, TBS series of late-night show, Wonderful, in the first phase WANDAFURUGARUZU as performers. The following year 1999, she selected by Suntory as "Suntory Superhops Campaign Girl", and starting with a full-scale gravure activities begin. Now she's 29 years old.

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Where Will Japanese Junior Idols Go?

The Japanese Government has already decide to ban the Junior Idol media in the Internet.  Say example please try to find the link "LAYFULL - EIGHT Series", distributed by DMM, in the sidebar on the right hand side and click to open any thumbnail.  Can you open it? Maybe No. How about "Seijun Imouto Club"(清純いもうと倶楽部)?  You can open it just to find photos with "Your Access Deny" captions.  What on the hell where Japanese Junior idols markets go?

Several month ago, some groups of Japanese cabinet have begin to talk about the protection of Japanese Junior idol in the Japanese media. The photo books or videos acted by under fifteen models would be categorised as "Pornography" and the groups of the cabinet were going to take down the market completely.

They did it.
As you try for yourself some of the media have already been banned by the method of the IP address restrictions. I've tried to open the major junior idol sites what I know only to find the message "Can't fint the server", "Server Time out" or "Your access is restricted".

What should we do?

Please recollect your memory that the Amazon US swept out the Junior Idol media from their shopping mall. Access to the Seijun Imouto Club was banned. DMM did it too.

Then what's next?

In a short while the junior idol media in Japan will be restricted by the new Japanese reguration. Lots of Junior idol media in the internet will force to be closed or set restrictions by themselves accorting to the law.

I suppose one method to get the photo and video packages is to visit YesAsia.com so far.

I have to tell you here very importanto tip about "Search" function in YesAsia.com. From my experience the number of searching result in English and in Japanese is drastically different.
Seeing is believing. As an example you try to search "天使の絵日記" series in English as "tenshino no enikki", without double quotation mark, here in YesAsia. How many you find? I suppose maybe 50 vids.
Then try with "天使の絵日記", without double quotation, in Japaense Version here.
How many?
89 vids you can find.

In English search only 50 but in Japanese 89, and 40 vids you're missed.

The same things will do when you search any other vids in YesAsia.com.

Now it's time for me to give you my hand.
Any guys who want to find vids in YesAsia.com, please feel free to contact me by E-mail. I'll help you to find your favorites and show you where you can find them.

My Email Address: japanidolvideo@gmail.com
Attn. to: Asuka

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